Monday, May 5, 2014

A Trick to Making New Friends

When our children's minister, Doug came to our church about 3 years ago.   He wanted to be Miss B's friend, but like everyone else who had tried, she wasn't haven' that!   

But Mr. Doug has been at this Kids Ministry thing for awhile and had a trick up his sleeve.   Each time we popped into the office he would offer Miss B. some fruit snacks.   Over a period of time, he stopped and then it was Miss B. looking for Mr. Doug to get the snacks.   

He no longer needs fruit snacks to get Miss B. to talk with him or to convince her to come to class but they still have their fruit snacks and occasionally if we stop in and Mr. Doug will share some fruit snacks.

With our relocating, Miss B is going to need to make new friends.   So one Sunday, Mr. Doug found her after church and the two of them take off to his office hand-in-hand.   Miss B. returns with this box and instructions to give them to her new friends.   

Yeah, she is going to miss Mr. Doug but she will have new friends and  with a box this size, it will be lots of friends.


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