Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mama's Prayers

I have used The Power of a Praying Parent as a guide to pray over our children. But God has spoken to my heart specific prayer request for each of them.

For Billy, I pray that he will have a love and deep understanding of the Word. I recall when I saw it being answered. Billy was reluctant to do his school work. I began reading the next chapter we had been reading in the Bible. Billy begged me to read more even though he had finished his handwriting assignment. By no means, is this prayer fulfilled but I see it playing out in Billy's life.

When she was just an infant, God spoke to my heart on Dolly's behalf. My prayer for Dolly is that people would be attracted to her so that she could share salvation found through Jesus. We pray that God will use her pretty face and beautiful heart for His purposes.

My prayers for Miss B. are that she will love people with the love that only Christ can give and that she looks upon people with compassion. As you can see, in her attempt to get herself loose of her cousin, God has a big job but He is already chipping away!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Have a list of things we pray over our children daily as well. Mostly in the beginning it was we see all those things God is doing...fills me with joy when it seems like all I am doing is correcting??? We just started homeschooling today :)