Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He knows!

Dolly and I were heading to camp. Billy did not want to go so he thought he might like to stay with his cousin in another state. I drove him and the little sisters there while My Dear was away at another camp. We had a quick, but fun visit! Billy had been so excited, but when it was time to leave....he did not want to stay. He was caught between wanting to stay and wanting his family.
We headed home-with Billy in the backseat, head hung in disappointment and questioning his decision. Poor little man is struggling with growing up.
We hit city traffic at rush hour so I pulled off to eat dinner. Billy's stomach was too upset to eat so he ate a piece of bread and sat quietly. The girls and I finished our meal and the server brought our ticket. When she laid it on the table she looked at Billy and said, "Remember, no matter what, you momma loves you." I quietly thanked her for speaking the truth to my little Man Cub who needed to hear that.
The children chose treats for the ride, I paid with cash, and we were off! Only when we reached another state did I realize that I did not tip that wonderful server! We were at Cracker Barrel but who knows what city it was!?
I prayed and asked God to please bless our server in a special way. I continued to pray and asked the children to join me as well.
This week at camp, we put the campers to bed and then I sat in my van with a flashlight to have some time with God. As I was studying I bent down for some reason and picked up a piece of paper off the floorboard. It was the receipt from our dinner-address and server's name included!!! I gave a big THANK YOU GOD and will be putting in the mail, a nice tip and a note to thank that sweet server for the way she blessed us!
Thank you God putting me in my van, in the woods, in the dark, all by myself to find the receipt that you had waiting on me.


Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love the way God works :) LOVE CAMP TOOO!!!!

zzzzzzzzz said...

Awe, tear. Love this!