Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wilma's Wacky Wednesday!

We have pet names for our children, not anything we planned it just happened. Lydia is Wilma, I think she got it because it goes with wild! Wednesday night was Wacky AWANA where the kids were encouraged to dress WACKY! Lydia began planning immediately. Clay was uninterested in participating but had plenty of good ideas for Wilma and she of course went for it- All or Nothing!

The soccer socks are 2 different colors, she has capris on under nightgown, 2 different shoes, a bib, an apron on her back and to top it off, a swim diaper on her head! She put her uniform vest on backwards under her bib. Blake was not happy about Wilma taking her new bibs out of the drawer so we asked permission for the Turkey bib. Even B thought it was pretty funny.