Monday, October 19, 2009


Linny at has Memory Box Mondays with a tangible object in their home to remind them of what God has done. Check out her blog to learn more about it and the scripture reference. I am aware of blessings that God gives me but I have not kept good records to share with my children or grandchildren. I am considering keeping record in photos. When God things happen such as these, I am reminded of Psalm 37:4, Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Here are our recent DESIRES turn DELIGHTS!

I was gifted this really cool wall decoration made by Uppercase Living but our room arrangements were still in limbo due to baby Blake. With Clay having his own room, we were now able to hang this. Weeks went by and I was still insecure about hanging it but so badly wanted to. You see, I can't cut a straight line! Well Nana T came to see us and she took care of that! Nana also looked it up to learn that there had been a mistake and it was vs 6 not 16(after this picture was taken.) She peeled the extra number right off.

Since Baby Blake was born, we knew we would need a carseat when she grew out of the infant carrier. The other two children did the old one in! I had looked at them before she was even born. When Blake's growth progressed slowly, we were able to put it off. At 2 years old, she had finally reached 21 lbs and it was time. It somehow came up in conversation with a friend. She told me she had 2 new carseats that a parent at her daycare had given her. One looked as if it had never been used. When the seat was brought to me, it still smelled new and My Dear and I were thrilled. Check out our big girl! She can even sleep in it-that is a blessing all in itself!

While visiting with family in NC, I learned about this author. I knew I should know his name but I did not. I wanted to read his work. At home, the new children's librarian assisted me in finding a book and pulled this one off the shelf. She commented on how old it was. I wanted to read it because it was the NC author and because Abe Lincoln is Clay's new hero. I checked it out, never read it but knew it was a classic that we could all benefit from. To avoid overdue fees, I returned it. I decided to stick a post it note on it for the librarian telling her if she pulls it, I want to buy it? It was worth the chance. I was awaken by the phone the next day to learn that I could have the book and it would cost a whopping 50 cents! It was not a matter of survival, just a desire of my heart.

I wanted to hang the scripture and to own the book. I did not need them! They were a desire I had. I needed a carseat but I did not need a free one. God wants to be in all the details of my life, He is a God of details! Delights happen all around us. So tell me, what is it that God has DELIGHTED you with recently?


Zoe Elmore said...

You are a delight my friend!

Thanks for reminding me that "Delights happen all around me."

buckandbev said...

That I have Three Great Children that have grown to be adults
that really love each other. Thank you Lord.

Rachel Olsen said...

Hey Girl. Will you please email me at rachel@proverbs31(dot)org - I have a question for you. Oh, and remind me that I asked you to email me in the subject line!

Thanks!~ Rachel