Monday, December 20, 2010

God Moment

My Dear and I have been encouraged to look for God Moments! God is at work, we need to be watching for that work, join in, and praise Him for it!

Last week, our AWANA ministry hosted Hope For the Holidays for families who send their children to us but do not attend church with them. Many of these families have financial needs as well. It was such a cool night! Families had their pictures made together and a delicious spread of food laid in front of them. A church member was seated at their table to build relationships, carols were sang, craft and the Christmas story for the children, and a message of Hope from the Manger for the adults. It was one of those nights when you wondered who was blessed most, those served or those serving!

I had asked my friend "Co Co" to be a table host. Co Co sings-beautifully I might add. She is in front of people often using that gift. She really wanted to be behind the scenes because of that. I tried to convince her otherwise wanting her to be a table greeter. She agreed but then I talked with her again, she just was not comfortable with coming, sitting, and eating while others served. I agreed she needed to do what she felt she needed to do.

That night, Co Co went behind the scenes to sort through some gifts that were donated. While doing so, she had a gift bag rip and the contents spill on the floor. She began to pick it up and her heart sank. She revisited her childhood when gifts were used and missing pieces because her mom was unable to provide new toys and clothes. She faced feelings of insignificance from her childhood. As she held the gifts in her hands, God told her to go! She grabbed the arm of a teen girl and said what do preteen girls like? So much activity going on in the building and there was a women fleeing frantically to go shopping at Wal Mart for a preteen girl she had never met. Wrapping paper was flying in the room and the gifts were ready at time for pick up.

The child that would receive the gift had come that night but her parents had not come with her so a friend and I delivered the gifts. When I got home from the delivery and others, Co Co had sent me a message to double check that what she did was alright. When I had walked into the child's home with the gifts that night, the silly bag ripped again but out fell beautifully wrapped gifts appropriate for a preteen girl. I was so glad Co Co had followed the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

I had seen the gifts in the bag and thought nothing of it. God had prompted Co Co to be behind the scenes because He had already prepared her for this was a God Moment!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love when God coordinates it all for us!!!!