Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just Us

The little ladies enjoyed a picnic lunch this weekend. We awoke to cooler weather and both girls were excited about wearing jackets. The hood was likely not necessary but hey, they are excited about jacket weather!

I noticed this little Barbie shoe in the back window of My Dear's car. Made me smile! We would have never dreamed we would have a single Barbie shoe in our possession 10 years ago and that it would be on display in our car window.

I know it is fuzzy but for some reason I love this picture! Took several pictures of those tiny hands wrapped around the neck of her hero but just could not capture the innocence of them. The little girls sure loves that man, but so do I!
Proof that even princesses need an education. It was way fun to go to a couple of yard sales dressed as royalty. Seeing that Dolly has never met a stranger, she and her dress made lots of friends. Each child had a dollar that they received in the mail.
Billy bought ski gloves for a quarter. Dolly bought a new dog collar and a baby bottle and B. bought a used cell phone for 75 cents. Sometimes it is so easy to please them.

Enjoying these small details of our lives.... for this season.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

LOVE random barbie shoes...or in our case sometimes teenie tiny soldiers guns as well- hiding in the most peculiar places :) he he he- reminds me of all the BLESSINGS we have.