Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Lady

Tonight, I picked up Miss Blake at the nursery. She was walking around without shoes. I asked about her shoes wondering if they were a problem. I was told, Papaw Butch (as the church calls him) had asked her, "Blake, where are your shoes?" She walked away and returned carrying her shoes. She had taken them off and then when asked about them, she delivered! So all of those conversations we pretend to have with her are not in vain.

Clay and Lydia have another little game they like to play with her. They will ask her silly questions and she will shake her head no. For example, "Blake, did you eat your fork?" "Is Clay silly?" "Is Lydia stinky?" We have only played this game at the dinner table. The big kids laughter fuels the game for our tiny comedian. She loves Clay and Lydia, as it should be.

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