Sunday, November 23, 2008

What she really needs...

I am blessed with 3 sweet children! That is my bias opinion-obviously. But I have been told numerous times how sweet our daughter is. People are naturally drawn to her. She is a very sweet kid! It is as if she has "FREE HUGS" written on her forehead. I have to admit that her needs are so different from our little "man cub" that at times, I just do not get her and we both end up frustrated. How could someone so precious and loving throw her mama into a tail spin? So what is my problem?

I recently read the following quote which has shed light on what this precious child really needs from me. I look forward to lovin' on her as she needs to be loved on!

"A child needs sympathy hardly less than he needs love;yet ten children are loved by their parents where one child has his parents' sympathy...[It] is unquestionably true that in no way can any parent gain such power over his child from the shaping of the child's character and habits of life as by having and showing sympathy with that child."

Henry Clay Trumbull
Hints On Child Training

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