Monday, November 10, 2008

Lydia's prayer

Saturday we met Aunt Kim, Alex, and Ryleigh to eat and shop. We went to Toys R Us. After our exciting day, Lydia fell asleep on the way home. I knew I would have trouble with her at bed time and sure enough, she struggled to go to sleep. She made several trips out of her room and would come and sit like we were going to chat. One time she entered to tell me she had been praying. She told God she wanted a Baby Alive and a swimming doll. (My opinion of these dolls is a whole 'nother blog!) After she shared her prayer with me, I was able to remind her that God knows best and she agreed with a confident nod. Miss Lydia is growing not only as a little girl but as a lady of faith. I see in her the Lydia of Acts-I bet that Lydia kept her mom on her toes and her daddy wrapped around her finger too! A friend commented that Lydia is so sweet, you can almost see the sugar sitting on her.

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The Lovins family said...

Lydia is such a sweetie! How awesome to know you are raising a child that will pray without prompting. Doesn't that make us Moms feel so good!
I'm so glad you set up a blog! Now we're bloggin' together! You need pics though! I'm looking forward to following along.