Sunday, April 24, 2011

Love Kept Him There

Over the past couple of weeks the Holy Spirit has shown me a couple of aspects about His death on the cross. Maybe you already, "got this" but here it is.

The sign language for Jesus is the middle finger touching the palm of the opposite hand and then repeated for the other hand. It helps to remember the nails that were placed in His hands (or wrist.) As I was teaching this sign to a group of little girls, I was able to tell them the significance of the middle finger in signing. It is an "emotion" finger. It shows mercy, love, those kinda things. It occurred to me as I explained the sign to the girls that it was because of God's Mercy for us that Jesus died. A person could have decided that the sign was with the pointer finger and no big deal, but it is not. It is with the love, mercy finger-that is what held Him to the cross. Our Mercy is through Jesus. The sign is Biblically correct and well, it preaches!

Along with this point, I learned this weekend that it was not so much Christ's love for us that He died because remember He asked that the "cup be passed." BUT Jesus did it because of His Great love for God, His Father. It is God's Mercy on us that Jesus died for our sins. It is God who gave His only Son. It is God who Jesus wanted to please and therefore died. It is God's Mercy, just like the sign language, that nailed Jesus to the tree.


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Megan said...

LOVE this! Thanks! :)