Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Lesson From Cloth Diapers

A friend posted a question about cloth diapers on Facebook. So I decided to revisit those expensive little things. I really wanted to use them. They are better for the environment and some research says they are better for baby. I tried, I wanted to, but I don't know that they are for me! I know cloth diaper mommas are right now thinking, "She did not really want to use them or she would!" You know how I know? Because I have thought the same thing with other parenting issues-judgemental, I know. If people REALLY wanted to do it, they can. But here I am with cloth diapers-I want to use them,but I don't!

A young couple had their toddler at the cold splash park yesterday. Her little suit bulging over her cloth diaper. I felt inferior knowing that they were succeeding at something I felt I had failed at.

I have felt eyes watching me at the library and at gymnastics as I juggle our 3 little people. All of them in different locations, doing different things, with their different interests and personalities. Other moms looking on from the bleachers while I am in constant motion with a limit testing toddler and her gregarious siblings.

We can not compare ourselves to others. I admit, I have wished that our children were even a tiny bit shy, soft spoken, and maybe even reticent but truth be known-they would never fit in our family! We can not compare ourselves to others. We have to believe in ourselves and our abilities to be the parents that our children need. After all, isn't it God who specifically placed them in our families? You are raising your family and we are raising ours. So moms, keep doing what you are doing for the people you love-they are your calling, specifically.


hoppymomto8 said...

Amen to that, sister!!!

JottinMama said...

What a great post for me this morning :) I so needed to hear that! Thank you!

Enjoy your weekend!

Many blessings,
Kate :)