Monday, May 11, 2009

Art Portoflio

Our preschooler loves to make things. In fact her participation in story time at the library, church, and whatever she creates at home has left us with A LOT of artwork. Our artist is also very attached to her stuff. But we found the ticket to contain all this talent! I picked up a scrapbook at a garage sale. She puts her artwork in it instead of the fridge, her desk, floor...all the usually places. This is her Art Portfolio and it contains the best! She helps to decide which pieces go into the portfolio and which go into the recycling bin or are shared with others. This has cut down on the clutter for us and has given her a sense of pride in her creations. It stores easily by sliding onto the bookcase and she can add to it for years. It worked for us, maybe it will for you too!

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zzzzzzzzz said...

Great idea! I'm going to try this! Beautiful art work by the way.