Friday, May 15, 2009

The Great Dress Hunt

Last week, I had to pick up diapers at Sam's and spotted these cute little dresses in my price range. In fact, I could get both! I was so eager to find a dress since a date night was mentioned at my house and an anniversary is coming up. I was trying to decide on colors and styles with my friend Nancy. I then asked her 6 year old daughter, Lorin. Lorin's response to the black dress was, "It's too ringy." I thought "ringy" was cute! PLUS it matched those new black sandals I bought for the prom. You see, if I want to dress shop it will likely be at Sam's or the produce aisle of Aldi's grocery, that is just where I am! Sam's has everything you need but dressing rooms so I grabbed the dresses and headed home. A few days after owning 2 new dresses, I tried them on and guess what, "too ringy!" Not only too ringy, too ringy all over-I was officially wearing a tent! I have some of those dresses in the basement in a storage tub labeled-MATERNITY. The other cute sun dress would be fun for summer and I could slip it over my swimsuit as a cover-up. This sweet dress showed too much, just the opposite of "ringy." In fact, is showed so much that I wondered if I should be hauling the Maternity tub upstairs! (Note to our parents, I just said I looked like not that I was! No need to start making blankets.) I hear this is the style. Yes, that is the style for me when someone is growing in my womb. Since there is a vacancy there, the search continues!


Melisa said...

Funny. I find it so hard to find pretty, modest dresses that are attractive and stylish. It is a "hunt"! Happy shopping!

JottinMama said...

LOL :)

Thanks for thinking of me! Enjoy your weekend!

Have fun shopping for more dresses!

Kate :)

McFurr said...

I love Sams Club. I got my most favorite summer dress there last year and I wish I would have bought one in every color they had.