Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Week of Fun Schooling

The core Math, Language, Phonics, and Writing are finished for the year leaving fun stuff! We read everyday, work on handwriting and can truly enjoy more Science, Social Studies, and one another.

Monday we biked to piano/ music lessons. B. was asleep before I loaded her to come home. Yes, a child can sleep through the helmet and all the straps snapping her into and then out of the seat as well as the the bumps inbetween.

Here are a few other perks from our week....

Animal Classification project-we have talked about the names and characteristics and have even sorted plastic animals but now we are creating our own classifications with old magazine pictures! B. loves the glue and worked on cutting.

Thankful for warm, rainy days with a toddler who dresses herself and her siblings who are not afraid to get a little dirty. In fact, Dolly and a friend washed the plastic pool out today. It was loaded with bubbles and so were they!

Catching tadpoles at a local oasis! The family uses their property to educate children about nature and the God who created it! B. liked playing in the sand and Dolly was all too soon in the water!

Man, Billy's grandpas would be proud. He rode this boat with Dolly but later paddled a canoe with another child and then a paddle boat. He was the water tour guide.

Taking a hike to see some pretty cool, local stuff! Billy was able to identify the prints of a deer and a sassafras tree. He also located Baby (doll) Moses nested in a basket in the reeds of the water. He found a fresh water mussel. Do you know they are on the endangered species list due to being used to make buttons? I am sure the raccoons in our area do not help with that either. But I would think as often as they are in my garbage, they should be satisfied.

What a great week God has given us to learn together.


Judy said...

Precious pictures - I love the one of Blake and her umbrella!

zzzzzzzzz said...

All I can say is, WOW! I want to come do school at your house! Love the photo with B and umbrella.

We had planned on going canoeing today (memorial day) but alas, the weather man says it will thunder storm...sigh... I've never been but it looks like lots of fun.