Thursday, June 6, 2013


Delights are what I call those gifts that God gives us that are reminders that He loves us.

I never purchased those tiny flip flops because tiny feet struggled to keep them on.   Our Miss B. is still pretty small but really wants a pair of flip flops.   I continued to forget to look at them in a discount store when we were there.   We stopped at a store recently to look at prices of shoes for me and she reminded of the flip flops.   We went to the little girl section to find $15 flip flops for little feet when the flip flops for me were $10 hum....apparently flashing lights in your flip flops raises the bar.   I was not willing to pay that.   But on the other side of the store were shoes for boys and guess what we found for less than a dollar Yep!   She was so thrilled she asked to sleep in them.    Here she is all ready for bed!

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