Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 2s are Tumbling In

B., so proud that mama understood that she wanted yogurt as a snack. She retrieved her own bowl and attempted to open the fridge. She gets so excited when we understand that she "jumps," which is not quite off of the floor yet.

Our little lady, is just that- little! In fact at 20 months old, she has yet to reach 20lbs and has to eat her drive-thru burger in her rear facing carseat (before you freak please know that she has a sibling beside her and looking at her from the back of the minivan.) Her clothes may say, size 12 months but she is becoming a 2 year old!

I am a BIG fan of 2! They are learning to do things themselves and began to communicate what did not come out of their mouths before-at least that is true for our babies. It is so fun!

Because of her small frame, I forget what most children her age are doing. I can just pick her up and hold her with one hand-she is very conveniently packaged! BUT she is showing me! She mimics conversation. I don't know what she is saying, but I can tell by the tone if it is a question or even a retelling of a story or situation. She will also call through the house as if she is calling for her siblings. She understands so much of what we tell her and either follows the directions or melts with a broken heart in disappointment. She is just a little sponge-see why I love the so called Terrible Twos?!

This little lady has a lot to teach me as she begins to emerge. She is all dressed up in her sister's clothes and ready to take on her world. What a joy to be Little Miss's Mommy and see the world again through almost 2 year old eyes.


buckandbev said...

If the only way I can get pictures of the grand youngins you had better teach me how to get full sized ones into my system...remember I am headed that away...rite!!!

Judy said...

Oh my, what a sweetie pie she is! You know Melanie, I think I'll include bibs will be in the next care package!

Alexis said...

Are you needing help with html too? I'd be glad to help. The signature is super easy. Kind of confusing in words, but not hard to do.

Alexis said...

Did you try to email me??? Something crazy happened. If you did, can you try again?