Sunday, June 7, 2009


I am on a mission to get clutter free! I spend way too much time picking up and taking care of stuff in our home. I realize this since Little Lady rearranges everything she touches. We are gathering it all up and sticking it out in the yard with a FOR SALE sign on it. We have stuff we do not use and sadly, we have stuff we do not even like!

The goal is to take the money from the sale and assist with another clutter in my life-debt. Although this clutter does not lay around my house, it does clutter my life. We recently sold My Dear's motorcycle eliminating the last of the student loans! My Dear was pleased it sold quickly and for his asking price. I love the debt gone and one BIG piece of clutter gone as well.

There is clutter in our schedules. Gymnastics ended freeing up 3 hours on Friday afternoons. Baseball is in full swing but we are enjoying this short season in our lives. Man Cub is doing so well and Miss Sunshine is enjoying the new friendships and daddy as coach. She is also pretty proud of her uniform. I am avoiding the temptation to do all that summer invites.

The 4th clutter in my life is the largest but least likely to be seen by onlookers, the clutter of my heart. Getting rid of the sin, temptations, and potential family curses and giving them all to Jesus who died for me. It is baby steps all the way around, but progress none the less. It is decluttering my conscience, the pruning and allowing me to grow. It is a life long process so I continue to strive to be Clutter Free!


Melisa said...

Enjoy breaking free from the clutter, my sister!

Tami Williams said...

my word, how do you encircle your life entirely with such God thoughts? When I think of clutter, my mind doesn't go past junk that I knock over, pick back up and fall over again. You are so blessed! luv ya, t

Judy said...

Great post Ms. Melanie! I like your new blog colors and layout.