Monday, June 22, 2009

"I'm Bored!"

Television and games systems make children less bored then ever. But, I have heard that boredom is great for a child. It is through boredom that they begin to think, investigate, grow curious and then spring into action.
I have a couple of young guys in my life that I can not image ever being bored. One of them is a natural boredom buster. He is curious and gusty!
When boredom almost hit shortly after summer break began, this game emerged! NET BALL. The boys were tossing football and decided to retrieve some fishing nets along with a butterfly net to catch the ball with while playing 'Monkey in the Middle.' Monkey in the Middle is what we called 'Keep Away' in my day. The boys played for hours each day. When one kid went home, I was invited to play and because they are such gentlemen, I never had to be in the middle. It was quite fun! Had I not needed to keep up with a toddler or prepare dinner, I could have hung right in there. Two of the three nets have since been repaired with duct take or a tie but are still perfect for NET BALL. It is the invention of games like NET BALL or Lego creations that makes me eager to see what will happen when someone at my house says, "I'm bored."


hoppymomto8 said...

I agree. Many years ago, my older boys and the neighbor boys created a game called trampoline soccer. They came up with a set of rules and even had a tounament. Fun memories!

Melisa said...

One of my favorite times with my kids is when they close their door and I can "hear" them working on something. Then, they come and announce, "come see what we made/did!" It usually involves tents made out of blankets and all kinds of other imaginary things. I love it.

zzzzzzzzz said...

I love kids imaginations. Once when my children were "bored" they came up with "fairy houses." They found a tree root coming up out of the ground and found little twigs, flowers and such and spent a whole day making houses for the fairies. don't have fairies in your woods? hehe

Alexis said...

Sorry I haven't gotten back with you. We've all been busy and sickish. I never got your email. Would you mind trying again?