Saturday, June 27, 2009

Prayer Request!

Tonight, a set of new parents are sitting in a hospital. Their baby boy born yesterday. The pregnancy was considered at risk so mama took extra special care. Baby Jackson arrived 3 weeks early weighing 7 lbs and 14 oz. I do not know Jackson's parents but his Grandmama is just that GRAND! She is my cheerleader. Their family sits in another state, crying and praying as Baby Jackson is in ICU for bleeding on the brain. Will you please join me in praying for this little one and his family.

Dear God, I see Mary's face as I teased her calling her Grandma, her big, beautiful smile! They are so excited about this baby and have covered him, his mom, and daddy in their prayers. God I pray for healing. I pray for healing over this precious baby. For the strength the family needs as they await your will for Baby Jack. I pray that Mary and Ken will enjoy Jackson's fingerprints on their recently cleaned glass door. That Jackson will ride on a firetruck with his daddy. That his mom will wonder what she did with her time before cleaning muddy little footprints off of the rug and looking for the recipes for homemade bubbles and playdoh. I pray that Jack with have date nights with his Aunt Andrea and Uncle Ben so that mommy and daddy can have date nights as well. God, I pray that his parents will know the thrill of all the first, first word, first steps, first smile, first time riding with no training wheels, first soccer goal...all of those things that make childhood. Heal this baby's body that he might be a testimony of what happens when Your people pray. Thank you Jesus for the blessing of knowing this family. In your name I pray, Great Physician, Amen.


Melisa said...

I have prayed...and will continue to pray. Give us updates as you know. God is faithful.

Oh Dear said...

Baby Jackson was released to go home!!!! YEAH GOD!!! Thanks for praying.