Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Holy Spirit has....

My friend Shannon and I teach 3 year old Sunday School. At 3, we usually get kids that cry on their first, second and maybe even third time to church. We also get to be the first to teach kids to participate in a group learning time.
It is so easy to fall in love with them, even the ones that need love the most. Isaiah was one of those kids. He could not stay still, he interrupted with unrelated questions and comments, he was all action all of the time. BUT Isaiah was always ready for a hug and always made us laugh! Three years later, he still calls me,"teacher."
Our church hosted a Training Camp. Mr. Isaiah was there and ready to play basketball. I went to Spiritual Training the same time he did. One night, the plan of salvation was shared and kids could talk with their coaches if they wanted to make a decision. A few of those kids were baptized today. One of those kids was Isaiah! I know I cheered longer and louder than anyone else in the building, in fact if our little man had been standing beside me, he would have elbowed me to quiet down! Isaiah will have a life and all of that energy will be used for the Lord!
I went to hug him after he dried off and was clothed. He was so eager to make his rounds, he had no time to talk. But later he spotted me and one of his family friends on the same row and joined us. He belted out, "How Great Is Our God!" when we sang and my heart swelled! I could not open my mouth to sing but worshipped through a little boy's words of praise. As the teaching time rolled around, I gave him the sermon outline and a pen. He filed in the blanks with letters and some words he made up. The last blank was so profound to me that I ripped it off and gave it his grandma. He completed the last blank with,
THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS Isaiah. Yes, he sure does!

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