Friday, July 24, 2009

On My Desk....

My desk is a type of To-Do list as well as a catch all. Tonight it holds:

1. a shower gift for my soon to be sister-in-law who has a bridal shower tomorrow-lots of driving for me but we love this girl!
2. kindergarten lessons-I have the plan books but need my own planning book and L.'s books have been ordered. As soon as they get here, we are getting started with this one!
3. a green ball I could not find when I gave a friend the toy it goes too. Hope I can keep it hidden here until I see her again.
4. an empty Silly Putty egg and I am a little concerned about its contents (1) because baby girl has been crawling up here and (2) I have really enjoyed playing with that stuff and noticed, believe it or not, I skip an evening snack if my hands are busy. So glad L. won it at the library for reading 300 minutes! (but seeing that she does not read yet-I guess I earned it for reading to her!)
5. AWANA catalog time to order for this great ministry! Anyone want to volunteer?
6. information sheet for the Vietnam trip there is an informational meeting for those seriously interested on Sunday afternoon. I will be there!!
7. Artwork made of markers and stickers because I don't have the heart to throw it in the recycle bin. Likely to come to a Grandparent near you!
8. Plastic covered wires off of C's new toy that he saved up for with his yard sale money. My aunt recommended them to use to tie plants up because they will not rust. My Dear will appreciate them for his mini tomato garden. C. found the toy $5 cheaper at another Wal Mart vs. our local Wal Mart.
9. Receipt for jeans I returned for My Dear. I am horrible at buying clothes for him! I look at the price tag first, he does not.
10. Pictures my dad took of the big kids playing ball and made them into magazine covers. They are super cute and he added some humorous text. The kids thought they were real magazines! Plan to frame them and display with their trophies.


Are These Kids All Yours? said... the summer when camp is going on....I am lucky to find the keyboard to our computer!!! Crazy!!!! Soon....summer will be done and organization will occur....and we can get back in our homeschooling groove. Actually, we homeschool in the summer too, but not as organized or as much if you like.

Melisa said...

Fun post...mine would probably be twice as long!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I can honestly say, no one has ever said, "I like your mushy brain" to me before.