Thursday, July 16, 2009

Virtual Yard Sale

As you know I am cleaning out! We had our box demolition to celebrate our achievements BUT we still have a few items I am sure we could find a good home for! So, I typed a list of about 20 items and emailed it to some homeschooling moms, daycare providers, and moms of preschoolers-honestly, just about 10 people. Well, I am now gathering items in bundles for those folks to come pick them up! Some things I am giving away and some I am selling. It is a double blessing-something for them and less for me! So, do I have something you are looking for? Better check with me soon cause it is moving on out of my basement!! Need to make some room for the neighborhood boys to have Nerf Gun Wars!


Judy said...

Go Melanie!
Last year I mentioned to friends that I was planning to pare down my collection of handbags. Several said to call them first before taking them to consignment. Days later I loaded them up and sent out an email that the bags were in my car, parked at the office and unlocked. I asked $10. for each bag and that the money be placed in the console. At the end of the day I was so excited to see all but 3 were gone and a pile of $$$!! The back seat sale has caught on as several friends have had sales from their vehicles while at work.

Oh Dear said...

What a great idea!!!