Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Hurricanes of Life

Hurricane Matthew swept over our island taking roofs, fences, gardens, crops, trees, and even livestock with it. Some areas did not see any destruction while other areas are still devastated with loss followed by excessive rain that has lead to flooding.   The mission has been unable to get supplies to where they need to be because of the washed out roads.  Earlier this week, I found myself focusing on what we were unable to do instead of focusing on God, who is sovereign and holds every detail in his loving hands.   I looked at all that was wrong instead of what was right.   It was easy to see the struggles but harder to see that God has it already worked out.  He showed us this in many ways as we have seen Him at work, but how quickly I forget.

I later challenged myself to look for that good!  And THIS "good" I had forgotten to share!

My Dear posted on FB the need for greenhouse film that had been ripped off of the greenhouses by the hurricane.   He also shared about a water purification system so that water can be shared more freely with those who come in the shop. We drank water with our meals in the states to save money but here, water and soda cost the same thing.  Water is a gift and drinking water is precious! 

My Dear quickly had responses from a few people interested in giving to purchase the items for Mountain Maid.   It was a thrill to watch the Lord stir in hearts!   A Sunday School class meet and gave all of the funds needed to purchase the film!   We were so excited!!!  They then contacted My Dear and asked how much was needed for the filtration system.  We had friends say they were giving and they were sharing with others who would be giving as well.   This church had a meeting that Sunday evening and voted to cover the balance!   PRAISE THE LORD!!!    So quickly, I had forgotten how the Lord took care of this!

BUT, it gets better!   After the money had been collected, My Dear made calls around the country trying to find the item but even with shipping and customs fees added, he could not beat the price he saw online.  He returned to the link to see that the price had been reduced!   He had some questions about the product so he decided to look on the manufactures website.  A day or so later, he logged in online and because he had spent so much time looking, a pop-up of the system appeared offering 30% off.   He clicked on it to get the 30% off and started looking for promo codes to get the price even cheaper.   He found 50% off!   Because he needed to know how much it would weigh to consider shipping fees, he called them.  As he was talking with the man about the weight, he informed My Dear that if he ordered from them that day, they would give him an additional percentage off that would save him $150.   The unit he purchased was originally $2900 but he got it for $886!!!!!

So instead of one unit for Mountain Maid, he was able to purchase 2 more, one for the camp and one for the mission.   This will allow the missionary staff to fill our own water bottles instead of purchasing large bottles of drinking water. 

It gets better!   There was enough savings with the purchase, shipping, and customs charges, that My Dear was able to use $1000 to help employees who had damage to their homes.   He went to 2 homes assessing the damage and will purchase tin and wood for those families to make the needed repairs. 

God is so good!  He is at work all the time.   Sometimes He is meeting a physical need and sometimes it is a spiritual need.  So this week, as I felt the "yuck" climb in, He gently reminded me of the good that He has done and is still doing.


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Our GoD is an Amazing God.