Sunday, May 1, 2011

Laundry Basket Memories

In doing the laundry today, I pulled out a pair of underwear that belongs to Billy. He will be so thankful that I am talking about his underwear on the web! Honestly, he belly laughs at this story so I think I am in the clear to share...that and....well, he does not read my blog.

Several years ago, Billy was in need of new underwear. He was ready for a pair that did not have Grover or Thomas the Train on them. Let's be honest, those little guy undies get yucky fast. It is part of the toddler years. So while we were out and about, I picked up a package of boy's underwear. I was not sure what size to get because every size is not represented and some shrink. BUT they do offer the chart on the back to help you pick the size that would work best for your child. So I read the chart and decided on getting the size 6 underwear for our 4 year old according to his weight and height.

I talked hype about the new underwear and how they really were big boy underwear with motorcycles on them. I washed them and had them ready for a doctor's appointment since they have to be in their undies, it would be nice for the doctor to have to deal with a new pair, you know (or maybe I was looking for the mother of the year award.)

Little man was excited about getting to wear his big boy draws' but I was a bit concerned that maybe they were a little too big! They seemed to hang off of him. You know when you have talked it up and there is no turning back, I was there. So off we go with Man Cub in his BIG underwear-hanging a bit off of him.

Our pediatrician was a deacon in our church and since My Dear was an employee of the church it was important to me that we had best foot forward. I now realize this was not all about being church members but lots about being a new mom and constantly questioning myself. So I did not want my boy to look like he was wearing someone else's old underwear or that we were unable to buy proper fitting know, I did not want to look like an unfit parent.

The doctor was of course super nice. Billy being 4,listened like a 4 year old boy. The doctor was talking with him and Billy was sitting on the exam table with his head down. Billy notices that his underwear are too big when he sees that they are hanging off of his body a bit allowing a gap between him and his underwear. Believe me, I noticed too! As the doctor attempts to talk to him, my Billy, puts his entire arm through the gap in underwear and begins flapping his arm and waving at the doctor! Here I am, the new mom-completely embarrassed and this professional, Godly man trying to have a conversation with a 4 year old waving his arm out of his underwear.....oh my! I was speechless and probably a million shades of red! Dr. Ron smiled made a simple joke about funny kids, and corrected Clay's behavior since I was PARALYZED in embarrassment! I was so ready to get out of there!

Billy and I still crack up about that story! I wonder if the doctor lost it when he we were out of view!

Do you want to know how big those underwear really are!? Well, he was 4. The package said size 6 and Billy is quickly approaching 10 years old and THEY STILL FIT! I guess I should be thankful that he did not put both arms through there!


Majid Ali said...
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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he he ----oooohhh too funny!! LOVE THIS....thank you for brightening my day :) with a funny story.