Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love Notes

Remember when I posted a picture of the "Welcome" sign. Well, our family has changed a bit. We have added teenagers to the mix. We are parenting backwards! One wonderful perk is that I know when they are on youth trips, they are in the BEST hands! Of course, I am VERY partail to the minister!

We are integrated everyone into the new schedule, routines, and responsibilities.

I enjoy sticking notes in their stuff with silly comments. Today someone had the word BEHAVE written on the outside of a pack of notebook paper. Tomorrow morning when someone gets the peanut butter out for breakfast, they will find this note.

I am truly enjoying these people and the fun of leaving little notes!


housefamily said...

What does it say?

Oh Dear said...

Are you going to try it?

It says, "If you get PB on the jar or lid, wipe it off."