Sunday, October 9, 2011

How to Turn 4- B. Style!

1. Train your hand to hold up 4 fingers! This is essential for taking the first picture of our now 4 year old.

2. Direct (or should I say, command) the decorating for the fan club coming over later. If it is a party, it has got to look like one! Big sisters are GREAT at this and big brothers reach much higher to hang streamers.

3. To insure you get presents. Remind your mom to buy you some a week or so ahead of your birthday. Then remind her of what she already bought you and said you could have it, "on your birthday." Insist that you wrap that gift she forgot and decorate the paper with rolls of princess stamps.

4. Take your BFF to Chuck E. Cheese the night before to play games. Giggle lots! Get daddy's tickets to get big prizes and remind your mom to bring the time!

5. Wake everyone up to get them to help you bake cake and brownies.

6. Wash the fun decorations you have chosen for your cake.

7. Lick the fun decorations clean after blowing out the candles.

8. Get a big girl haircut prior to the party!

9. Fill your lungs with oxygen and B L O W out your candle!

10. Insist on being rocked in the rocking chair for bedtime and suggest that you do it all again tomorrow.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Awww.......cute!! Happy Birthday :)