Friday, October 14, 2011

World Vision is All Dolled up!

I am no better than our children! Really, I get the gimmies too!

Tonight it happened at the Super Center in the toy aisle! Have you seen them???

Hearts 4 Hearts Girls!!!

Changing the World One Heart at a Time

They are beautiful!!!! The dolls I saw cost just less than $30. I know, so what! Well, the dolls represent different countries where World Vision serves!

The doll from the U.S. represents ministries in My Old Kentucky Home-the coal mining, Appalachia Mountains. There is a doll for Ethiopia, India, Belarus, Mexico and Laos also. Oh they are beautiful! Each doll has a "heart" for her area and how she serves the people there. This description is included with her as well as Internet link information.

Perhaps the best part is that World Vision gains some of the profits on these precious dolls.

The website is

Is it wrong that I want to talk the girls into wanting one (or 2)!?

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