Friday, August 10, 2012

Lesson Learned From an Unsettled Heart

A week ago, I walked into the living room after evening bath time to find a sweetie perched upon daddy's lap with a tissue compressed on a little finger.  I saw the blood and asked what happened but the sweetie said they did not know.   I asked again how a cut that large could happen and a person not know.   Shoulders shrugged.  We seem to forget how things happen when we should not have been doing them.   I asked again and again and flatly declared that the truth was not being told and that God and the child knew what happened.  

As I thought of the behaviors and activities before the cut, it occurred to me what probably happened and this sweetie was to ashamed to tell on themselves.   I asked bluntly, after much prying, if that is what happened and I heard a low peep, "maybe."  I explained that we needed to know so that we could care for the sweetie properly.

All band aided up, hugged, and prayed over, the darling went to bed.

As My Dear and I lay in bed hours later, the sweetie enters the room with eyes hiding behind tears about to fall.  I asked what was wrong and was informed it was the injured finger.   I took sweetie by the hand and walked to the restroom and took a quick look and asked if it was the finger or the heart clouded by wrong doing that woke sweetie.   Sweet face turned up with mouth turned down and said it was the heart.  I looked into the childlike face with chubby cheeks thinning and I said, "I forgive you and dad forgives you."   Hugged sweetie and asked if they could sleep now which was confirmed with a head nod.  We walked to the doorway of the bedroom and the sweetie stepped in and then quickly turned around for one last hug and an "I love you."

My heart was heavy in that, do I allow my unconfessed sin to rob my sleep?   Thankful that this little person allows their heart to be convicted and pray that I can grow up to be like them someday.   Reminded that God uses everyda objects and situtations to grow us toward Him.

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