Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Days of Fun!

Many of you kind folks have asked about or prayed for our kiddos.   Thought you might enjoy hearing about some fun they had.

Our mission has 3 locations.  Our kiddos are the only ones at our site except for a precious baby boy.  I have shared about the family in Atrel that has 5 children.  The third location is at the waterfront where the camp is.   This is where Crossings teams go.  This family has 5 children as well.   The youngest of those children is 13 years old.

This week, the Atrel family drove to the mountains to fully some responsibilities and gather supplies.  On their  6 hour drive in, they stopped about half way and picked up the other BHM kiddo.   With all that being said, THREE NIGHT PARTY AT OUR HOUSE!

A game of Apples to Apples Jr.  along with some silly faces.
A treat of ice cream at Mountain Maid, a ministry of BHM.
Ordering from the 3 flavors available, vanilla, chocolate and you guessed it....swirl.
These 2 have birthdays coming up the first week of August.   Ice cream is a fun way to celebrate.   They really seem to enjoy their time together.   That included days of cops and robbers (hide and go seek with the others all over the mission.)
Batter up!   Someone was pretty excited about playing ball!

Five of the children were born in Haiti and have always lived here.   One came as a toddler and one other missed kicking the dirt around this summer.   AND we had plenty of people to play.   Baseball just makes sense!   They even had fans in the stands,  well, on the bench!
All the sleep-overs were fun and a bit tiring.   Dolly laid down to pet her pup.   He got up and she did not...she took a bit of a cat nap...if you can do that on a dog bed!   A good sign of a full, fun 3 days with friends.

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