Friday, August 15, 2014


I just pulled the dirty sheets of the girls' beds to be washed.   They usually do this task so I found it a bit amusing and thought I would share.

B's top bunk contained:

5 books (chapter, picture and a large collection book)
11 stuffed animals
2 dolls
a throw pillow
a bed pillow
a baby blanket
a head light
a yo-yo (under her pillow) and
numerous tiny rubber bands from a broken bracelet I guess.

Dolly's bunk contained: 

2 flashlights (one small and one large)
2 wallets
2 pencils
1 pen
4 chapter books (cause one is not enough!)
a filled backpack
a math book
a sweater
a shirt
a 31 lunch bag of hair accessories...yeah, they are not small.
2 bed pillows
1 portable, battery operated fan
1 doll
4 stuffed dogs...surprise!
a electronic pad (thank you Emily!)
a tag off of a piece of clothing
a small blanket that I believe fell from the top bunk and
a single hairband...surprised there are not more since the bag was not zipped.

She wonders why the dog no longer wants to sleep with her, huh.

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