Monday, September 21, 2015

The Unexpected

Sorting through donated clothing from the summer, I came upon a tshirt that said "UNEXPECTED."

I began to reflect on the word.

Christ was The UNEXPECTED Messiah.

Jonah was rescued UNEXPECTANTLY by a large fish.

The big boat that Noah was building was UNEXPECTANTLY needed.

When King Darius went to the Lions' Den the sound of Daniel's voice was UNEXPECTED.

Lazarus was UNEXPECTANTLY raised from the dead.

The Lord UNEXPECTANTLY pulled me from my pit that I did not even know I was in.

The Lord has brought us through much UNEXPECTED in our lives....some good and some bad.

Again, we find ourselves in a place of the UNEXPECTED.

I jotted these words down as I lay in bed feeling less than great:

     I have grey hair.
     He was just diagnosed with a kidney disease.

     I have bi-focals.
     He has high blood pressure.

     I no longer dress for style but for comfort and the inexpensive.
     He no longer plays league basketball due to injuries.

     We see ourselves getting older.
     But God sees it all.
     He is not finished with our youth.

With that being said, we are once again giddy youth at the UNEXPECTED.

We will meet our UNEXPECTED in April when another darling joins our Family Circus.
The Circus is thrilled with EXPECTING the UNEXPECTED. 


Angela said...

Wonderful news!! Congratulations!! :)

Misti said...


Missi said...

Oh my goodness! Isn't our God the best at gift giving!? I am over the moon thrilled for your family! Congratulations! I love you so much! Blessings over you my dear sweet friend!