Sunday, February 21, 2016

Zoorriffic Birthday

This year, the zoo at the mission will turn 50 years old.   Next month, our Dolly, the zoo keeper, will celebrate a birthday as well.    For those of you who know our Dolly, you know her love for all things furry.   The zoo has a variety of birds and a couple of small crocodiles that she checks in on as well as the rabbits and goats that she enjoys so much. 

This is Jade.  Jade of Joy was born Feb. 10th making Dolly the mama of 2 goats. 

The zoo is about the size of a nice petting zoo in the states, but it is the only zoo I know of in Haiti.  Dolly was gifted 2 animals for the zoo last year for her birthday but with changes in staff and issues with space, she has yet to receive them although the sender waits patiently.  We have not given up hope and are dreaming on the best way to make accommodations in the zoo for these new animals.

 My camera lovin' friend Jen captured this mama and her chicks.
Yes, this critter is in our zoo.  NO, I did not take this beautiful photo.

As Dolly's birthday rolls around, we thought this would be a great time to share of her desire to see the zoo remodeled for its 50th Birthday!

Photo taken by Sara.

Will you join us?   Dolly has $105 saved up from a previous birthday gift as well as money given by  members of a team from Ohio, that left an "IMPACT."

Here is how you can give:

1.   Log onto and click "GIVE."   Go to "GENERAL FUND" to give your gift.   In the "GIFT NOTE" line, include the words "COMMUNITY MINISTRY" to insure your donation goes to the zoo fund.

2.  You can mail your check to:
Baptist Haiti Mission
13420 Eastpoint Centre Drive
Louisville, KY 40223
Toll Free: 800.359.5174800.359.5174 
Please include "COMMUNITY MINISTRY" in the memo line.

Thank you for loving on our Dolly, the critters, Baptist Haiti Mission, and the country and people of Haiti.


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