Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Speaking Schedule

We are finally pulling our summer schedule together!   You know what it is like to schedule a vacation?   Well, mix vacation planning with family that you only see a time or 2 a year along with kids wanting to see friends.  Now, add camp schedules, all of your medical and health appointments as well as speaking engagements in different churches and you have the puzzle that is furlough!  We had planned to do some traveling as "field trips" but had to back out of those plans as time is limited and perhaps take a few day trips instead.

For those of you who have asked, here is the schedule as of today!

June 12th   am service     Bible Baptist, NV
June 12th   pm service      First Baptist, NV
June 22nd  Wed.              Central, PKY
June 26th  am service      Central, Winchester*

*My Dear will only share in part of the service.  

Hope to see you at one of these locations!

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Kristy Horine said...

It was so great to hear your family story last night at Central PKY. Thank you so much for coming! (And for reminding me of the CWC fashion show of yesteryear!)