Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Gift

We have been to 3 funerals the last four weeks and my teddy bear of a brother called me at 1:30 this morning to inform me of another passing of someone I love. I, as well as the family, were unprepared. It left me tossing and turning because the question rattled in my head...were they ready?

There is a difference in the funeral of a person who has a growing relationship with Jesus and a person who does not. One funeral we attended, we had worship! Five-year-old Dolly looked at me and said, "We know he is with Jesus" although she did not know the man personally. I could confirm with a head nod.

God had laid this person on my heart long before today. But I wrote the name in my notebook and turned the page. Guilt stirred and I spent the morning dragging myself through the mommy motions. Did I send the note I intended to? Did they know the love in my heart was Jesus? Did they make a decision to be a Christian as a child? Did they know it is by grace though faith and not by our works that we are saved?

I felt physically ill. I prayed and asked forgiveness for not taking care of this. God sent two friends to check on me- neither knowing what was going on. Then just what a girl needs, my daddy called-permission granted to cry. God sent his comfort my way. God also reminded me that there are others on that list of folks to ask and one of them will be grieving at the funeral home.

Why is it that it is so easy to brush important matters aside? Why is it that we are concerned about offending others by asking? What are we afraid of? Where would I be if someone had not asked my parents-first generation Christians about their relationship with Christ?...I shutter to think!

I was born in sin and do it daily. Sin is what keeps me from God. I will NEVER be good enough for Him regardless of what I say or do. But God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die for our sins-even if I (or You) were the only person on the planet He would have done it. When I realized this, I prayed and told God that I am a sinner-I have done some bad stuff to myself and to others. I believe He is God and that He sent his Son, Jesus to forgive me of my sins -the things I say, do, and even THINK that do not please God. I needed to make Him the Lord of my life cause frankly, I am really good at messing things up! We were created to need a Savior. He knows-He created us!

I pray that you have done this as well. If you have not PLEASE send me an email, FB message, or comment on this post with contact info. I simply can not imagine life without the peace that God gives and I want the same for you.

If you have made this decision, what are you doing to tell others about the purpose of your life?


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

AMEN!!! Right there with you. Praying for those who may not know this wonderful gift to find out!!!!

天氣晴朗 said...
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Judy said...

I like your message Ms. Melanie.

Sherry said...

I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I get out of reading your blog. I check in with your blog several times a week to see if you have posted. God seems to speak to me through the words that He leads you to type. Just wanted you to know that you are a blessing to me. I hope you continue blessing us with your blog. Take care sweet Sister in Jesus. Love you my friend.

buckandbev said...

Honey I check your blog daily. I miss you and it is a way of keeping up with my "Middle Button". You and your faith make me very proud and your blog gives me a good warm fuzzy (that will do until the next Bear Hug session. Love you.