Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 1st Spiritual Birthday!

Last February, our little man asked Jesus to come into his heart. You can read about it under a Sweatpant Week!

I was well aware the anniversary of that day was approaching but not sure that our Billy was aware of its quick approach. Today is as special as the day he was born so we were not going to let it go quietly!

First, he woke to find his door decorated.

We then gave him cards. Grandparents and teachers from church emailed, mailed, and Facebooked messages to him. There were no gifts because they could not compare with the GIFT he received last year. Dolly made him the sweetest card. It said, "Happy Accepting Christ Day!" B. brought him a Tootsie Roll and said Happy Birthday.

Then, off to PE class with a wonderful teacher...My Dear!

Home from class and out the door to Chuck E. Cheese-the place for parties! My Dear had taken a group of kids there on Wednesday and already had a cup filled with tokens and a great start to tickets! Three cheers for free fun!!!

Next, Billy, had lost his money and found it again. (That is the way to get him to save!) He wanted to go to the store and buy a video game.

We arrived home for him to pack for a sleep over at his buddy's house! He was so excited and said it was the perfect end to the day.

The children get to pick what they want to do every year on their birthdays and that includes no school! Spiritual birthdays will be much the same here-full of CELEBRATION!


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Spiritual Birthday!!!!! Praise God!

Judy said...

What s sweet picture!