Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Long....

Dear nap time,

Thank you for the precious couple of hours each school day that I could focus my attention on 2 sweet students. Thank you for the opportunity to hide away in the tiny classroom away from the phone, computer, door, and the dishes. Thank you for all of the exploring and discussions we had as we dove into books, charts, and maps. Thank you for the "pin drop" silence as we read through the wanderings of Moses and the battles of Joshua.

Thank you for summer when school was eased to reading and relaxing on the couch. Thanks for the 2 days that I actually took a nap myself! Oh, thank you nap time! I saw what I was missing! I did not care to miss out on the free movie at the theater or the school aged activities at the library because nap time was well worth it.

Thank you for allowing me some one-on-one time with a sweet little blond and instructions in Legos from our Man Cub. Thank you for the clean floor that I was able to find within those sweet hours. Thank you for the yummy dinner I was able to prepare all while the little darling rest.

But I see now that my prayers are being answered. Our little B. is growing. In the growing, the nap disappears. There will no longer be a squeaky rocking chair after lunch, a weary toddler requesting "Amazing Grace" or a momma plopping in a computer chair in search of some contact from the adult world. Looks like my employer has just adjusted my hours!

Thanks nap time for the sanity you brought but we no longer need you. I think I can handle it from here.

Parting with sweet sorrows,


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teachinmom said...

They do grow up quickly. But your time of quiet does not need to leave. We had a daily Quiet Time every day after lunch. No one was required to go to sleep, but everyone was required to be quiet and stay on their beds for an hour. Usually after lunch, I would read for about 30 minutes and then we'd have the Quiet Time.

I wish I could take credit for this wonderful idea, but I heard about it from Elisabeth Elliot who said that her daughter Valerie had practiced this with her children. I wonder how I've gotten away from it...my olders did it when I had youngers....now they are all olders...sigh...