Monday, July 26, 2010

from Vnam to a New Land

I fell in love with the most precious woman in Vnam. Lien is in her early 20s and is engaged to a minister here in the states. Whenever we talked about him, she lit up!

Mr. Lien, her soon to be husband, sent me a friend request on Facebook so we could get to know one another.

I knew that Lien was having trouble getting her VISA to come to the states. I asked Mr. Lien why that was. Turns out that he did not make enough money to be her sponsor and he needed a co-sponsor. I gave Mr. Lien My Dear's phone number and we were in business! During the process, I realized I did not know Mr. Lien. But God reminded me I needed to trust Him to take care of Lien.

Mr. Lien had asked me to help prepare Lien for being a pastor's wife. I had no idea what to tell her because I did not know what it was like to be a pastor's wife in Vnam. I did know that those wives (in rural churches) prepared lunch for their entire church prior to kidding! I am good to feed our tribe of 5 and sometimes Pizza Hut does it for me!

I began to become fearful for Lien. She is coming to a new place to live, new people, new roles, and to be a wife-WOW what transitions. I wondered who would be there to hold her hand, to be her friend? Did God want me to go and help her transition? Oh, even the changes her body will make when she comes....I feel for her already!

Last week, on my Facebook feed a status showed of someone who is not my friend but the spouse of a friend. I knew the state they lived in but not the city. The feed showed the name of the city. I quickly posted a message and learned that God not only heard my prayers but he supplied the scoop of ice cream on top. B. tells us she loves us more than oxygen with a scoop of ice cream on top-Dolly added the ice cream part but God scooped it out on this one!

This sweet young woman lives in the same city my Lien will be moving to. My friend Brooke is not only close to Lien's age, she is a pastor's wife! Not only is she a pastor's wife, she is passionate about her relationship with Christ. This chic is no pew sitter!!! Just like my Lien! It is a God of details that both young women are beautiful and oh so precious!

Brooke is so excited about meeting Lien and loving on her! Here, we live in this small town. I get to know this young women for a few years before God calls her to serve Him elsewhere. In the mean time, I am on another continent and meet a young woman who will need my little town friend. The prayers of my heart have been in His will and planning all along. He just blesses my socks off! AND that is just one of the things He showed me this weekend! So, when Lien arrives...ROAD TRIP and I will get to see 2 precious women!


Melisa said...

Melanie - I love this God moment! He is so amazing! I am always looking for these in my life as well to remain aware of Hi presence and active participation in my life!

zzzzzzzzz said...

This is an amazing moment Melanie! I am so glad that God put you right in this spot because He knew you would have a heart for this woman. Awesome, Awesome!

Renee said...

This is a great story of God's faithfulness and how He is in all the details providing for what we need before we even know it ourselves!!

Anonymous said...

Great middle button, just like God to Moses! Do we know your friend Brooke? Love ya, Mom and Dad