Monday, November 8, 2010

Dirty Work

Last week, I was kneeling at my washer and dryer doing laundry and thinking about the people who wear the clothes I was handling. I would very much like to protect them from ANY hurt in the world. But then God showed me how shallow their faith would be if they never had to rely on Him.

I am going through a time where I have to rely on God for healing. Because of the "dirty work", I am falling even more in love with God as He shows more of who He is. His mercy and grace overwhelm me! It is because of the hard times, that I have fallen into this communion with God. Why would I want to keep my children from this type of relationship! I wish they could just have it, but I know it comes from God revealing Himself. So I prayed that He would protect their hearts, bodies, and minds as He grows them in deep faith in Him.

Last night, tummy troubles made Billy anxious. He was probably more scared then hurting knowing that 2 things would likely happen to ease the pain in his belly. He did not want either one! He was afraid to go to sleep. As he laid in bed, I put my hand on him to pray. He would doze in and out trying his best to stay awake. When I finished praying, his little eyes came open. He said, "You know what I just realized? I realized that I don't trust God enough. God is in control of all germs. If He wanted to, He could just take them away." I reaffirmed what he was saying and reminded him that the same power that brought men back to life is the same power that can control germs. He continued about that power saying, "and can move mountains." He then peacefully feel asleep for awhile.

Not until this morning did I realize that God wanted to show me that He can teach through the hard times and they may just be tummy troubles. I thank God that He loves us enough to grow us. He can challenge and grow us even on a tender scale. I am thankful that even a child can stop and listen and maybe he will be able to avoid some of the dirty work by getting the lessons early.

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Lessons may not always be easy or fun, but worth it. Thank you.