Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The HIGHLIGHT of My Week!

I skip church on Sunday nights, I confess, I do! To make matters worse, I drop the kids off for childcare at the church and then leave-it is typically a no, no but... I skip church and go up the street to my neighbor's home where I get to hang out with some precious young woman! It is without a doubt one of the highlights of my week! We challenge one another! This past week it was to learn a few scripture verses. As the girls recited, I allowed them to reach into my goodie bag and draw out a prize but I wanted to let them know how precious they are to me as well, so this is what God put on my heart.....

It is a tiny thing but I hope as they head back to school they will be reminded of how precious they are! Go ahead, STEAL this idea for a student you love!

SHOUT OUT....thanks Katie for taking a picture!