Monday, July 18, 2011

This month we celebrated a very special birthday at our house! If you count by 10s, you will say the age that someone in our home turned. Billy will soon fit this description as well but this person is a bit older and seeing that this is my blog, you know IT'S NOT ME!!

I love birthdays with children because they love birthdays. They love to give gifts, decorate and gift wrap. Thought you might enjoy a picture of My Dear's packages compliments of Dolly and Miss B. I purchased the bows with Christmas clearance. I think we got our 13 cents out of them! Too precious to open arent' they!! (Unless you are the birthday boy!)

Two weekends in a row we were on the road to visit family. This visit with Pops proved to make everyone feel as if they were royality. Lucky for the children, their aunt lives in the same neighborhood so they could ride to see her. This vehicle only has seatbelts in the front seat and making car seats difficult. This is the part where our parents wondered how they ever raised us to adulthood without all the safety gear our children have.

Sometimes I just take pictures so I won't forget. I know there will be days that I will miss the circus of activity that having young children holds but rarely do I stop and make note of the joys in my life right now! When I do, I am overwhelming blessed! It happens everytime! I grabbed my camera to head outside to take a picture and this is what I walked past. It just looked strange! PERFECT for the things that would describe our lives right now! Time for new brakes, thankfully they were still under warranty! YIPPPEEE!

There will be a day when no one plays with these little guys! They will be donated or sold in a yard sale or perhaps stored away when another young person enters our home. As I glanced out the window, I smiled at this picture. These little guys have brought lots of play time to our lives.

See the rope hanging on the railing? I have GOT to get a picture of that! Dolly has invented a way to assist Miss B. and other younger friends with traveling up and down the steep hill. She put a dog collar around their waist as they repel with jump ropes....clever and it totally works!

As I turned to head back into the door, I saw this.......

and I felt God say, "Do you really mean it?" He is nudging us around a bit!

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