Wednesday, April 5, 2017

All God!

In February 2014, there was a children's conference in KY.   My heart was heavy the entire weekend. My Dear had taken the children to NC to visit grandparents while I was away.   We were trying to cushion our children during a difficult time but My Dear and I knew I should continue with my plans.

I sat in a seminar and the speaker shared about a child that was a part of her children's ministry.  Shelby had a passion for raising funds so kids in Haiti could go to camp.   I listened to how she walked along side of this child and fostered her passion.

After the session, I waited for the classroom to clear out.   I stepped forward to talk with Missy, the speaker.   My voice began to shake as I held a secret that was wrecking my heart.   My friend Fay was with me and I had already shared my secret with fact, the Lord had spoken to Fay before He spoke to me.  The Lord knew I would need this as one day Fay told me she was praying for me....her sister-in-law had just said the same thing to me but they had not talked to one another.  I thought little of it because they have prayed for me for years.  But this time, it seemed different.   I asked Fay, "What is it that you are praying?"   Her expression became serious.   Fay is a wise woman of faith and difficult times in her life have molded her into a spiritual giant that sits weakly at the feet of Jesus.  Fay spoke, "Do not be afraid."   I knew change was coming for me and this moment was additional confirmation.

Fay walked with me to the front of the classroom but stood back a bit.  She knew my heart battle.  I   I stepped before Missy and mentioned that the camp that the child was giving to was part of Baptist Haiti Mission.   She confirmed that it was.   I then shared with her that the following morning, My Dear would stand before some precious people that we love and that have loved us well and tell them that we are moving to Haiti.   Missy was quick to ask about my prayer needs which I am sure were many.   But I had 2 sad children and 1 that was still a bit young to understand the changes that would lie ahead.

I emailed Missy a few times after the conference just updating her and then life happened and we lost touch.  


Last week, Missy made her first trip to Haiti!    I went to introduce myself to her and some other ladies and she threw  her arms open and said, "I know who you are!"    Then I knew who she was too!  I was told a children's minister would be coming and a bit more and realized I had met Missy.  She was THE Missy that I had poured request for my children out to.  She was outside of my world and someone I could trust with this information.  She didn't know me, but she knew I was hanging on with a thread that our obedience to follow Christ would not screw-up our children.  (Frankly, I can mess them up all by myself, I didn't need any more help!)

Missy shared with me, when we talked, that she prays but often doesn't see the answers.   But to see our kids and how well they are doing, she sees the answer to her prayers.    It was such a HUGE dig for my heart!  

Missy had never been to Haiti.  She learned about our ministry at Crossings Camps (the same way we learned about BHM.)   She walked alongside of Shelby with her passion for Haiti, but not until last week was she able to wrap her heart around it.   With that being said, I think I will see Missy again on our island!

Isn't God good to wrap our hearts together!   I steal the line from Twila Paris often, "How Beautiful is the Body of Christ!"

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