Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bible Time Line

As parents, we glean from others, what are they doing to teach their children what really matters. We started a time line when our son was in Kindergarten. In reading children's Bibles and story books, I missed the meat and quite often the truth! I decided to read to our son straight from the Word! I censor what I feel he is too young for (thinking we will probably skip all of Leviticus!) and we go chapter by chapter. If there is a lot for a little guy to grab on to, we split it up. After each reading, I label our line with the reference and a caption about what we read. He then draws a picture to help us remember what the story was about. Our line is adding machine paper-Clay bought it 10cents a roll at a yard sale! Our preschooler, Lydia listens in on the story everyday too. I keep ahead of the game with my own personal Bible study and notes from Bible Study Fellowship ( BSF) that were loaned to me. We can refer back to what we have already read, look for other examples, and even patterns! I have learned so much and the kids absorb like little sponges. We have also been thrilled to read in history and relate the two with what we read in our Bible time. We love our time line and it will be an amazing memory for our family as we watch the artwork progress along with the heart of the artist.
Check out the pictures-can you recall the stories from the pictures?
Remember what Jacob (Israel) did when he blessed Joseph's sons- look at Genesis (Ch. 48) on the time line, do you know now?
What about the signs that God gave Moses in Exodus 4, remember those?
So curious to know if you could recall the answer from our little man's artwork-leave me a comment!

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Stacie said...

What a great idea! Pictures are a great way for kids to remember, not to mention how much fun it is for us to watch the progress. We've been studying Creation so I think I'll have to borrow your idea and start a timeline of our own! Thank you for sharing!