Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He Has Risen Indeed!

I had heard that a person usually has 7 contacts in their life before coming to a relationship with Christ. Out of curiosity, I decided to chart that.
Those people included Mrs. Argo who greeted my parents when they were teenagers and came to church because it allowed them to legally miss school. Mr. Ed was another, my first boyfriend. He gave suckers to me on the church bus. I told my dad I had a new boyfriend and described him according to where he had hair on his head (I married a man with a similar hairstyle and Mr. Ed approved of him.) Most of the people were members of one church and involved in Children's Ministry. One of those ladies in the Children's Department was Mrs. Lykins.
This was the 80s you know so we all met together in a large room to sing then divided into our small groups for Sunday School. Mrs. Lykins had her prehistoric Power Point poster boards she had written the words of several songs on. She enthusiastically led the sleepy eyed group in singing and praising the Lord. I still remember her short legs with high heeled shoes quickly moving across the floor with such excitement. On Easter Sunday, Mrs. Lykins would greet us with, "He Has Risen!" Our response was to be, "He Has Risen Indeed!" I think about it every Easter. My sweet mama knows it and calls me from miles away just to say, "He is Risen!" This year, Mrs Lykins will be celebrating the season with Her Risen Savior. I now get why Mrs. Lykins' feet seemed so excited. This Sunday I will take my place with my 3 year old friends to play the "He is Risen" game because He has RISEN indeed and I want to make sure they (and you) know it!

that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that He was buried, that He was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures. 1 Cornithians 15:3-4


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buckandbev said...

Do you know how proud you make us? Our Mrs Lykins is with her lord and that big beautiful smile is even bigger. I too am glad that he allowed us to share a little time with the great people at that church. I have always said that Mom and Central did a great job raising my children. Love You and you know He has indeed!

Kelly said...

Hello and thank you for your kind comments. I can see Grandma smiling down on us with her bright pink lipstick. LOL. Do I know you two?

Kelly Lykins