Monday, April 27, 2009

Ain't No Ordinary Love

My Favorite Hippies doin' their thang!

Not so long ago, I read Matthew 25-the Parable of the Talents. I was challenged to check and see if I am using the talents that God has given me. The past 3 years I have been involved in a crazy, fun outreach event at our church called You Go Girl! Last year, I heard God, very clearly, tell me to step back from the planning team and to minister as a volunteer-which, I know is A LOT of work but is SO important! When I read this passage, I questioned God-in case He had forgotten, I guess-that He had told me to step back. I must say, it was hard not to be involved at times but at other times, I saw so clearly why He put the reigns on me. Later in my doubtfilled afternoon, I got a phone call from a planning member who was a little stressed. Her question was so simple, but it got my heart a jumpin'! It was right in my "talent." She simply needed a song to open the event with. YEAH!!! I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I knew just the song!
I took the music to the church and then we got busy! I LOVED working on that song! It was a great workout for my body and my face-laughing so hard with some people I love and that share my love for God and for children! Seems so simple, but it was just what God wanted me to do with my "talent." It is so me!
As I heard the first notes of that song play on the big night, I tried to free myself of responsibilities to get in there to see "my girls!" Man- did they rock! Who would have thought a loud, rockin' Toby Mac song could bring tears to my eyes. So, I don't know that I will do leadership next year but I do know where I am to invest my "talent." I do not think I will ever jam to This Ain't No Ordinary Love quite the same now that I see how He loves me specifically, yet again, with his "extraordinary love!"

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