Friday, April 10, 2009

How we do Resurrection Sunday

We don't do Easter baskets or eggs-freaks, I know! The more I learn about the way we celebrate holidays, I realize it is less about Jesus when it should be MORE about Him.
My friend Lori has a great idea for teaching her girls about the death and resurrection of Christ. The girls took a doll and wrapped it in cloth. They laid the body in the tomb (clothes dryer) and sealed it (duck tape.) Two other dolls were placed to stand post as the soldiers guarding the tomb, Rescue Heros and army men have held this position in our home. This year is will be dollhouse men. The family reads the story together from the Bible or a children's Bible. If you can live without your dryer long enough, you can do this 3 nights prior to Easter. When our children come home from church on Sunday, they run to the tomb where they find that Jesus is no longer there! The soldiers are laying to the side and the cloth is nicely folded in the tomb and a gift awaits them. They know the story and know that Jesus will not be there but are still filled with excitement.
If you have older kids, you can lead them in the idea and let them run with it. They have as much fun helping their younger siblings learn and participate. Have fun telling your babies about Jesus!


Judy Dearing said...

I like your new colors and layout!

Rena Gunther said...

This is absolutely the coolest! I love this idea.

Participating in the Easter Bunny is all new to me. As you probably guessed from my post, I desperately wanted the emphasis to be on Christ for Sophie.

I decided I would put one empty egg in her basket to symbolize Jesus' tomb. But this dryer thing is way cooler! ;)

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Resuurection Day!


Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. You've blessed me.


Zoe Elmore said...

I LOVE this post! What a great idea to help your children participate in the resurrection story. I'm filing this one away to use when we have grand children.
Thanks for your post on my blog. I love your line about birthing 3 people. You are exactly right sistah!
Hope you'll stop by again.