Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have a confession. I love the Internet! I keep up with our family and friends via email and now my friendships have expanded to Facebook where I am reintroduced to childhood, High School, college, and well, "I have seen you around" friends. When I need adult time with no adult around, I go to the computer to check on my friends.
Yesterday was a blah day! Whenever I needed a moment, I plopped in the computer chair. What was to be 5 minutes turned into more and I got NOTHING done. I bet I was not very nice either. I was disappointed in myself because it was clear to me, there was a problem!

This morning, the kids asked to play on the computer but I said no. I kept the computer turned off all morning. Morning turned into afternoon. Laundry and dishes were getting done. Teaching was done. Student willingly did school work. Baby was read to. Marble contraptions were praised and experimented with. Names were written in chalk on the driveway. Girls were pushed on swings. Long baseball playing fingernails were clipped. Hands were held down the slide. Giggles were shared. Cheeks were kissed. Jigsaw puzzle worked. Big Daddy Weave CD sang to. I got a lot done today! I have no regrets and am actually so pleased with my day!

There was not one melt down today. Not one disagreement with another person. Not one person who hurt another. Do you think this had anything to do with my role in the lives of our children, you better believe it. Not that the world revolves around us as their parents but we do set the pace. Grumpy mom makes grumpy kids. So I am on the computer now, but it will not be turned on until lunch time tomorrow, only to check on things before heading to gymnastics, so if you need me, you may need to call!


Judy Dearing said...

Yeah Melanie! While I also love my internet world, I often have to regroup with limits. As you know, my struggle is being overwhelmed with connections - not so much the time factor.

Message from your father-in-law who just read your post and he says "thanks for teaching my grandkids yesterday!" LOL!

Anonymous said...

ouch! I think I better pay attention to this (she said as she typed on the computer to the background noise of bickering children - and the faint odor of last night's dinner on the dishes!)

I'm a Believer

Rena Gunther said...

But I don't have your number!

I'm KIDDING! I totally understand. Been working on maintaining that balance.

Temperance, I believe that's the word. Not just self-control, even balance.


sbauguess said...

I have realized the same things, Melanie. I have found that the internet/computer can be a huge distraction for me and the kids really feel the effects. I have come to realize that it is my own sin and temptations that causes their attitudes to become less than desirable.