Saturday, November 28, 2009

Save A Lot and Wal mission field!

So I have mentioned reading Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life, again. I have been reading about obedience. When God calls us, we are to act and when we do it makes our fellowship with Him sweeter!

I remember 5 years ago, the opportunity given to me to enter that sweet fellowship with Jesus at Save A Lot grocery store. A man was behind me in line. I had filled the conveyor while entertaining our children. I noticed the man behind me looked as though times were tough. He was purchasing bologna, a loaf of bread and another staple. I assumed it would take care of several meals for him. I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to pay for his groceries. I was afraid and did not do it.

Another time at Save A Lot, a mom was at the front of the one register open. She was constantly disciplining a child named Austin as she tried to check out and pay. The line was backed up with several folks waiting. I was at the front of the store and heard the loud booming voice of a man at the end of the line say, "Austin, I don't even know you and you are beginning to get on my nerves." I immediately felt sick for the child and even more so for his mom. When we left, I saw her putting the children in the vehicle with a snack while she unloaded. I so wanted to go to her and tell her that could have easily been me and our children on any given day. I regret not going over to her and just help her with her groceries and let her know that every dog has her day. I still regret it. It was the Holy Spirit and I was disobedient once again.

This morning, I ran away! My Dear was home so I left the darlings with daddy to run errands-I usually have an open invitation to go but Lydia had plans, Clay did not want to, and Miss Blake is potty training so she was uninvited, for the benefit of her and the health of our community!

I got in the return line at Wal Mart and saw an older man trying to find a short line to check out in. As I waited my turn, I caught a glimpse of him again. This time, I read his hat. He was a World War II veteran. My heart began to beat quickly as I knew I was starring at a history book which will all too soon be gone! I knew God was calling me to step out of the line!

I stepped out of the line and walked over to the gentleman. I told him I saw his hat and I just wanted to shake his hand. He said he gets that a lot when he wears that hat. He was shipped overseas at the age of 17. All I cared about at 17 was my hair and how cool my car was!! He is one of the dwindling WW II soldiers still alive. Blame it on homeschooling, being a daughter and granddaughter of Veterans, a grateful American, I don't know...but I was truly thrilled.
After our conversation, I knew that God was telling me to go to the back of the line. When I did so, the 2 people who were originally behind me insisted I step back in place. It opened a door of conversation and mutual respect and I was so glad to be in our little Wal Mart, right where God had planned for me to be! Did I share Christ, no. But I would like to think , out of my obedience, maybe, someone got a glimpse of my Jesus. I may never know, but God knew, so glad He chose to speak to me.


Are These Kids All Yours? said...

WOW!!! I have read the book a while ago...and have had similar situations...some of which I was obediant....some not so much. May we all remember that it is not fate, but God who plans our steps.....therefore we need to obey & BE the body of Christ!

buckandbev said...

living my daily prayer..... "may others see Jesus in me" Love ya..

teachinmom said...

The cool thing about God is that He gives us second chances to obey Him. Thank you for being transparent because we've all had times of being afraid.....and thanks for the encouragement to obey God's call....and receive a blessing to boot!

Melanie said...

Way to go! I love how brave you are! You reminded me today to be aware of the Holy Spirit's promptings and to obey!