Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Week of Firsts

It has been a week (+/- a few days) of first for Miss Blake!

First Oreo Cookie...that I recall although someone could have slipped her one without my knowing. Can I still call it an Oreo even though it is store brand or do I have to say "sandwich cookie?" It just is not the same!

She also did a number in the bathroom but I did not take a picture of that, you can thank me later. I do appreciate her optimism in that she calls it "do-do." Nice isn't it, seeing she could have named it "No Way!" or "Won't-Won't!" Gives me hope!

Oh, this is the BEFORE picture...

Blake's first haircut!! The whole gang was excited about this one! I know the picture is fuzzy but I wanted to capture how all of "the firsts" are well attended! The big kids want to be there to capture her responses too. They had already had their turn in the chair so Blake was asking for a turn too!

So sweet! She could not take her eyes off of herself in the mirror!

Blake has more and more to say. Yesterday I showed her a button she had on her shirt. I recalled a book she had with buttons on one page. She was fussy so I asked her to find the buttons in the book. She said, "Let's see" as she started looking in the book. I then realized how often I say, "Let's see." I talk all the time to give her additional exposure to language. So, that is what I get!

What a fun week (+/-) of 1st! "Let's see" what next week holds hopefully more optimism!


buckandbev said...

Love the pictures... won't tell you how cute everyone is, One of two of them already know. It appears that B is headed in the same direction.

Melisa said...

Love those firsts!!! What a joy and a beautiful family, Melanie!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Fun- love the firsts...and yes it counts as an oreo!

House Family said...

That is so sweet thank you for sharing with us!

Melanie said...

I love the way you included the other kids and how excited they seem. i can tell from your posts that you are really committed to building a close-knit and God-focused family. Love it! Loved your CHristmas ideas too:)