Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is this the lab?

I recall having to sign up for lecture and then the lab in college. You learn it in lecture and do it in lab. The labs were usually hours long and put an interesting (meaning not cool!) curve in your day.

Yesterday, we had a sick one. Our kids are typically healthy but I am beginning to think it is through their illnesses that I learn. I better get it this time 'cause it is just not fair to the children that they are sick due to their hard headed momma!

Sick children are needy and Man Cub was no different. I entertained Lydia with reading, playing a game and having school since she did not have Clay to keep her busy. Blake napped as normal and continues to experiment with the potty....still!

This morning, I walked into the living room, one asleep on the couch and another asleep on the love seat neither of them interested in eating and especially not school. Now, 2 kids needing mama and another still experimenting!

Meanwhile, my heart is heavy to do something...So many lives lost in Haiti and so many more children orphaned. Our focus is on that country, as it should be, but I can't help but think of the lost souls in our own country and the orphans here. The need is great and it is ALL around us!

My status on Facebook says, " I want to get in a plane, fly to Haiti, tell them to give me some kids who need parents, come home and live happily ever after." It has stirred quite a train of post. We all want to do something!

I want to do something but I am weary in serving the family I have. I entertain sin by allowing myself to consider how I give and no one has any idea...which, is totally a lie because you know-mom of a newborn, of multiple children, single parent, teacher of a needy classroom, child of a parent with know!

It is so timely that God would have me pick up the book I have yet to finish and read about true Servanthood. Rick Warren reminded me that ,"Servants think more about others than about themselves." He later says,"it is not thinking less of ourselves but thinking of ourselves less." Timely, isn't it! I am in the midst of service. I want to do something for Him, something BIG, but I have to do the small first (even if it does deal with bodily fluids and picking up dirty tissues.)

Luke 16:10 "whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much..."

So now, as I serve Him doing something little, I will feel His hands on me as He molds me for something BIG... because this is the lab I signed up for and it is all too temporary.


JottinMama said...

I am the world's worst at dealing with sick children. Really. And it's ridiculous - it all stems from my selfishness.

So thank you. Thank you for reminding me that this is how I'm serving right now.

And girl - I always disliked my labs in college! Whew!

Great thoughts!

- Kate :)

The Patterson Family said...

I LOVED this post!

teachinmom said...

Remember that when you serve "the least of these" (which can be applied to your children), you are serving Jesus.

Praying they feel better soon.

Are These Kids All Yours? said... the thoughts. Sometimes we forget way to easily. But I do like the idea of hopping on a plane now and picking up some children that need a home....if only we could???

Rachel Olsen said...

GREAT post!!

Micca said...

That is Sooo funny that you get pregnant every time you do a Beth Moore study. Does that make her a fertile Goddess of some sort?!

Just had to let you know that you made me laugh!

Hope your household is soon well!

Dana said...

Loved this post!! God bless your family. Hope you are all well soon.

Love in Christ,